One of the most traumatic experiences that a family can face is the diagnosis of a child with a life threatening illness. From that point on, their lives are never the same again. Parents face many new stresses and challenges: these may be emotional, financial, spiritual or just the practical problems of coping with the situation and continuing to live in as normal a way as possible.

One of the guiding principles of those involved with childhood cancer care is that the patients and their families should never feel as if they are alone in their difficult times.
This is where Samiksha comes in.

Samiksha is a Creative Learning Initiative for children with cancer and their caregivers. Take a look around our website to find out more about our work, and what you can do to contribute. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Update:We have just released our fifth and sixth year report, with descriptions of our work over 2013-2015 and observations on its impact. Please have a look!

For a quick introduction to what we do, have a look at this documentary summarising our work.

Our thanks to Reddstarz and Tesserac for their help with the production of this documentary. We ask that you respect the purpose of the mission and the privacy of the families in the documentary, and do not use content from this film for personal purposes or advertisement.