Fulfilling wishes at Samiksha – I am a star

This last year has been special for us and for our children. Since we collaborated with “Make a Wish Foundation”, some 23 wishes have been identified by us and presented to them, and to date 7 have been fulfilled. The journey to make this happen has been very interesting. These are some of their stories as narrated by Chitra Ramesh, our dedicated, sincere, amazing volunteer at Samiksha.
There is a format of questions that are presented to the children in order to be able to identify their most desired “wish”.While Chitra asks these questions to the children, these are some answers.

A four year old child – very happy to chat wants to be a policeman when he grows up, and so wants a police outfit. Asked why he wants to be a policeman, he says ” So i can Beat everyone who is making trouble” ..
A five year old speaks 3 languages fluently… Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. So, he is often the translator for Chitra when she needs to communicate in Kannada. Chitra herself is multilingual and speaks 5 languages, but the confidence of this child is effusive and heartening to note.
Another child is asked – what do you wish for most? Is there anything you want? He says,” No,I don’t want anything” I have everything i need” He has terminal Cancer.Asked again, ” Do you want to meet any famous persons.. Any actors, singers, politicians” He says” Why should i want to meet them.. I see them on TV everyday!Isn’t that enough?”
Then,its heart warming to see them ask for everyday things – a white anarkali dress, a cricket set, a remote control plane,- brings us back to reality- how we take small everyday things for granted..


Thanks to volunteers at “Make a Wish”, who have helped us make the children feel special, and cudos to Chitra and others at Team Samiksha, who have made this happen..

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