“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

blanket  Gift of Warmth

Gayathri Shenoy visited Samiksha a few months back and brought with her, huge boxes and bags full of blankets, 250 new fleece blankets ! She distributed them to children at Samiksha (kapur ward) and also to those in Dharamshala building.The Children were so happy to get a blanket  and it was a great gift for them for the winter months.Thanks, Gayathri ! Your concern towards these children is an inspiration for us to strive better to serve them.

Artsy Craftsy Time with DPS students


An enthusiastic team of young school girls from DPS volunteered their time by doing an interesting artsy crafty session making colorful  art posters and cup-holders.They brought along all the materials too! Colored charts, peel-n-stick flowers, stars, smileys, googly eyes, bindis, non-toxic glue etc.The girls got creative with their crafts..Some of them made wrist bands that  became a hit and soon all the children got busy making them and wearing it like mini watches..Thanks DPS team ! This will inspire more students to volunteer.

                                                                           Xmas story session by Arts Tales


 Arthi Anand volunteered for this Xmas session. What a joyful session that was!

A quick story, few Xmas trivia questions,sing-along followed by a simple Xmas tree craft. Almost every child in kapur ward participated and posed with pride to show their trees! It was so good to see great energy and enthusiasm..While the volunteers and teachers got completely drained out helping them with the activity, children were busy asking for more star-stickers, more trees,and to know how we liked their trees:)

Thanks Arthi for your time and efforts.And,we remember the green n red balloons that you had brought in that day to go with the theme,thanks, everyone loved them!

The Xmas fun continued for few more hours..Our teachers, Parvathy and Vidyavathy along with volunteers helped children dress up the big Christmas tree with colored streamers..Anisha Mathew, a college student, who was there to help us that day and had volunteered at Samiksha for a few weeks shared with us that her volunteering experience was truly enriching and fulfilling.

Mime Performance by Bornfree Art Schoolmime1

We welcomed 2015 with our first event,this month’s birthday celebrations with a very unique event.

Mr.John Devaraj along with the children of the Bornfree Art School did a mime performance and interacted with children.

Our team was really impressed to learn more about  Mr.John Devaraj and children of this school.

It’s truly heartening to see people of all ages doing their bit – be it volunteering their time to teach, story-sessions/crafts,  events, donating books/puzzles, distributing fruits/veggies,sponsoring for monthly supplies, celebrations, birthdays, gifts and more …Children value them a lot and it means so much to them.We thank you all for the support and together we can make a difference.

Our special thanks to all those who’ve responded and signed up to donate Rs.1500 towards “Support our Education Programme”. Those interested to contribute, more details here..http://www.samikshafoundation.org/blog/2014/12/support-our-education-programme/

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