Dec 31st – the afternoon before the eve of 2017

One Saturday of every month at the Pediatric oncology ward is dedicated for birthday celebration of the children born in that month as part of Samiksha Foundation’s program of Learning through Creative Activity and Play, and increasing the happiness quotient of the cancer affected children here.
When volunteers Munish and his friends planned to come here on a weekend, this turned out to be the ideal day with the New Years eve begging for celebrations, and the 12  children.s birthdays to be celebrated at Samiksha.
As always, the celebration of children’s birthdays was filled with colours, music, dancing, and magic! Satish, the maverick magician, enchanted the audience into a spell of laughter and bewilderment. Girish, as usual, kept the kids on their toes with his dancing and unparalleled energy.
Munish Sachdeva and three of his friends brought along apples and pomegranates that were distributed to the children . They also arranged for tender coconut water which were distributed outside ( the only soft drink allowed for the children here) All of this went off in a very orderly fashion thanks to the teachers and the preparation by Munish and Tanish who visited the Foundation the previous week and spent time with the children, knowing about the dos and don’ts’ in a pediatric oncology ward. We were also joined by Vijay and Aarti from Coimbatore and Crisppin and two of his friends, who are employed with Indian Railways. It was a very fun-filled afternoon to mark the end of the year. As language barriers shunned to pave the way for awareness. Let’s embrace the year with more compassion as we remove those year-old dusted calendars off our walls and tables.

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