After eight years, we still believe in them children

Eight years 2000 children. almost 545 children just last year. Do we count? Not really. But when we do, it surprises us. Every time i look at these smiling, eager faces, working on a project with clay or with Math, their eagerness, their joy still stirs my heart. When i think of all the talk of sustainability, climate change, that so many of us a drumming about, i look at these little and teenage faces writ with hope and despair, i wonder what sustainability means to them. Then i see the work our teachers do, our story tellers working days and hours with the children here, trying to keep them smiling and happy in the face of cancer that they are going through, i am convinced that ours is a sustainable project. More because we believe in these children and their hope for childhood. We believe in their beliefs.We believe in their love and their zest for life.

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