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After eight years, we still believe in them children

Eight years 2000 children. almost 545 children just last year. Do we count? Not really. But when we do, it surprises us. Every time i look at these smiling, eager faces, working on a project with clay or with Math, their eagerness, their joy still stirs my heart. When i think of all the talk of sustainability, climate change, that so many of us a drumming about, i look at these little and teenage faces writ with hope and despair, i wonder what sustainability means to them. Then i see the work our teachers do, our story tellers working days and hours with the children here, trying to keep them smiling and happy in the face of cancer that they are going through, i am convinced that ours is a sustainable project. More because we believe in these children and their hope for childhood. We believe in their beliefs.We believe in their love and their zest for life.

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Dec 31st – the afternoon before the eve of 2017

One Saturday of every month at the Pediatric oncology ward is dedicated for birthday celebration of the children born in that month as part of Samiksha Foundation’s program of Learning through Creative Activity and Play, and increasing the happiness quotient of the cancer affected children here.
When volunteers Munish and his friends planned to come here on a weekend, this turned out to be the ideal day with the New Years eve begging for celebrations, and the 12  children.s birthdays to be celebrated at Samiksha.
As always, the celebration of children’s birthdays was filled with colours, music, dancing, and magic! Satish, the maverick magician, enchanted the audience into a spell of laughter and bewilderment. Girish, as usual, kept the kids on their toes with his dancing and unparalleled energy.
Munish Sachdeva and three of his friends brought along apples and pomegranates that were distributed to the children . They also arranged for tender coconut water which were distributed outside ( the only soft drink allowed for the children here) All of this went off in a very orderly fashion thanks to the teachers and the preparation by Munish and Tanish who visited the Foundation the previous week and spent time with the children, knowing about the dos and don’ts’ in a pediatric oncology ward. We were also joined by Vijay and Aarti from Coimbatore and Crisppin and two of his friends, who are employed with Indian Railways. It was a very fun-filled afternoon to mark the end of the year. As language barriers shunned to pave the way for awareness. Let’s embrace the year with more compassion as we remove those year-old dusted calendars off our walls and tables.

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M Naveen Kumar – engineering student at BTS,Bangalore speaks

Naveen Kumar: Alumni Student of Samiksha FOUNDATON- Caring for children with cancer.
Attended from 8th standard to 9th standard: Year 2010-2011
This is being published on prior permission from Naveen to help spread the word of the possibilities for children with cancer post treatment, and the importance of extended Non- Medical support for Children in Distress with cancer.
Naveen is in touch and we requested him to share his story with us.

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World cancer day – 4th Feb 2016

The talk was delivered by Sandhya Sharad on World cancer day – 4th February 2016 at the Acharya Bangalore B school, department of Biochemistry and Life Sciences for Faculty and students.

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Celebrating friendship in spite of their cancer!

Celebrating friendship in spite of their cancer :


It has always been endearing to see little ones at Samiksha, team up with their buddies – getting along well, be it a team activity , singing Kannada songs , birthday celebration or just hanging around  the ward  at the Samiksha classroom – they are all a big bunch of happy noisy little friends, irrespective of their ages, and the languages they speak !

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Glimpse of our 6th anniversary Celebrations with a beautiful Poem !


And so they all came
But the crowds were never the same.
Packed to the brim
And smiles to the rim
With idol Anjana as the singer
Boy was it a joyful wringer
With the kids forgetting their troubles
And enjoying happily with joyful bubbles
As Ba said another year goes by
We can discuss the plans over chai
But lets not forget the band of teachers
Who are a unique group of preachers
Helping the kids overcome the tough moments.
Motivating them with thoughtful comments
Finally lets not forget the founding group
They just never keep Chup.

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18th June 2015

It is said that ” Getting together is the Beginning, Keeping together is Progress and Working together is Success”. With the formal permissions to work at KMIO with the pediatric oncology department being renewed by the new Director Dr.Lingegowda, it seems now, that we are definitely making progress.

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

blanket  Gift of Warmth

Gayathri Shenoy visited Samiksha a few months back and brought with her, huge boxes and bags full of blankets, 250 new fleece blankets ! She distributed them to children at Samiksha (kapur ward) and also to those in Dharamshala building.The Children were so happy to get a blanket  and it was a great gift for them for the winter months.Thanks, Gayathri ! Your concern towards these children is an inspiration for us to strive better to serve them.

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Naveen comes to visit

Yesterday was Global Impact Day. We were host to volunteers from a corporate group- a whole day event for the children.While we debated how much of an IMPACT these one day activities make for our children and our work,,we could not come to a conclusive answer. However, what saved the day was a visit by Naveen.
Naveen came into the ward looking for me, as he had heard i was visiting today.He stood by me and said – Aunty how are you? Do you remember me? But for his eyes and his beautiful smile, I would not have placed him. He had grown taller, had a lot of nice black hair, neatly cut inspite of the curls … i stared at him for a few seconds and then the excitement ! Naveen,, its you .. so good to see you! And we talked for a long time. So much emotion, so much joy to see one of our kids go back to live a normal life, so confident, so charming, and doing well at school too. I asked him to speak to the volunteers from Corporate about his experience at Samiksha and his life after Cancer.. he spoke confidently, gracefully, telling them he was grateful for all the blessings he got and the opportunity and fun he had at Samiksha when he was here at the Kapur ward 4 years ago..Then he was in 8th standard. Today he is in 2nd PU, at College, and wanting to become an Engineer.Our eyes welled up with tears just listening to him. He was full of emotion too.. This is what our work is about! There should be a few hundred Naveens out there, and i hope they are all doing well..
Thank you for visiting us Naveen..

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Fulfilling wishes at Samiksha – I am a star

This last year has been special for us and for our children. Since we collaborated with “Make a Wish Foundation”, some 23 wishes have been identified by us and presented to them, and to date 7 have been fulfilled. The journey to make this happen has been very interesting. These are some of their stories as narrated by Chitra Ramesh, our dedicated, sincere, amazing volunteer at Samiksha.
There is a format of questions that are presented to the children in order to be able to identify their most desired “wish”.While Chitra asks these questions to the children, these are some answers.

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