After eight years, we still believe in them children

Eight years 2000 children. almost 545 children just last year. Do we count? Not really. But when we do, it surprises us. Every time i look at these smiling, eager faces, working on a project with clay or with Math, their eagerness, their joy still stirs my heart. When i think of all the talk of sustainability, climate change, that so many of us a drumming about, i look at these little and teenage faces writ with hope and despair, i wonder what sustainability means to them. Then i see the work our teachers do, our story tellers working days and hours with the children here, trying to keep them smiling and happy in the face of cancer that they are going through, i am convinced that ours is a sustainable project. More because we believe in these children and their hope for childhood. We believe in their beliefs.We believe in their love and their zest for life.

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Dec 31st – the afternoon before the eve of 2017

One Saturday of every month at the Pediatric oncology ward is dedicated for birthday celebration of the children born in that month as part of Samiksha Foundation’s program of Learning through Creative Activity and Play, and increasing the happiness quotient of the cancer affected children here.
When volunteers Munish and his friends planned to come here on a weekend, this turned out to be the ideal day with the New Years eve begging for celebrations, and the 12  children.s birthdays to be celebrated at Samiksha.
As always, the celebration of children’s birthdays was filled with colours, music, dancing, and magic! Satish, the maverick magician, enchanted the audience into a spell of laughter and bewilderment. Girish, as usual, kept the kids on their toes with his dancing and unparalleled energy.
Munish Sachdeva and three of his friends brought along apples and pomegranates that were distributed to the children . They also arranged for tender coconut water which were distributed outside ( the only soft drink allowed for the children here) All of this went off in a very orderly fashion thanks to the teachers and the preparation by Munish and Tanish who visited the Foundation the previous week and spent time with the children, knowing about the dos and don’ts’ in a pediatric oncology ward. We were also joined by Vijay and Aarti from Coimbatore and Crisppin and two of his friends, who are employed with Indian Railways. It was a very fun-filled afternoon to mark the end of the year. As language barriers shunned to pave the way for awareness. Let’s embrace the year with more compassion as we remove those year-old dusted calendars off our walls and tables.

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Bounce Back Fundraising Event – 13 August 2016

On 13 August, an initiative named Bounce Back, run by students of Mallya Aditi International School, organised a fundraiser event at the school in support of Samiksha Foundation. The event included a 3 on 3 basketball tournament and a 5 a side football tournament.

Bounce Back describe themselves as “seeking to use [their] love for sport to empower children with cancer”, and organised this event in collaboration with Samiksha and another Mallya student group named Reach Out.

The event was a tremendous success, and a joy to be a part of! We are very impressed with the hard work and organisational skill the students put in, bringing together other students, parents, and the wider community to both spread awareness and raise funds for our cause.

Please take a look at the Bounce Back Facebook page to find out more, and click here to go directly to the photo album! The Times of India has also published an article on the event including quotes from the organisers.

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M Naveen Kumar – engineering student at BTS,Bangalore speaks

Naveen Kumar: Alumni Student of Samiksha FOUNDATON- Caring for children with cancer.
Attended from 8th standard to 9th standard: Year 2010-2011
This is being published on prior permission from Naveen to help spread the word of the possibilities for children with cancer post treatment, and the importance of extended Non- Medical support for Children in Distress with cancer.
Naveen is in touch and we requested him to share his story with us.

He is an engineering student at BTS Bangalore doing well for himself.


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World cancer day – 4th Feb 2016

The talk was delivered by Sandhya Sharad on World cancer day – 4th February 2016 at the Acharya Bangalore B school, department of Biochemistry and Life Sciences for Faculty and students.

CARING FOR CHLDREN WITH CANCER: SAMIKSHA FOUNDATION Samiksha Foundation Is a Bangalore-based support organisation that was created as an exclusive learning and activity centre for children with cancer. Their goal is to create the right environment for independent and assisted learning for the children during their course of treatment and also to help families overcome their denial/ despair and accept the reality of cancer in their lives. The mission is to help as many children in distress with cancer regain their childhood through education, learning , fun, play and creative activity , which will help increase their “Happiness Quotient” by leaps and bounds and that in turn also empowers them to move on to mainstream life post treatment, with pride and dignity.

Samiksha’s motto: “The pursuit of knowledge is key to our pursuit of happiness”.

Founder Sandhya Sharad’s The Story behind the mission.

“I am a trained/ practicing architect …Fortunately for me, I had nothing to do with cancer. Then, one fine day in 2007, I met 6-year old Samiksha and her mother at the Oncology Centre of a Bangalore hospital. She bubbled with energy, constantly ran around, chatted incessantly and sang songs, all with a mask on her nose and mouth. It was difficult to believe that she had cancer. On striking up a conversation with the mother, I learnt that all the other children sitting there suffered from different types of cancer and plasma-related diseases. None of them went to school, because of the fear of contracting infection, the treatment pattern and the behaviour of the disease itself. Their parents faced a difficult challenge looking after them constantly, entertaining them and keeping them engaged, apart from all other things that parents have to do. It was a difficult and elaborate task to care for them, since cancer-affected kids at that early age are as demanding and vivacious as every other child! The idea of an exclusive learning and activity centre for children with cancer struck me then- A place that would boost the happiness quotient of both the children and their concerned caregivers. Children could come here and make new friends while learning, playing, reading and participating in activities organised at the Centre. They could even keep up with their studies using the learning tools and opportunities provided. Outings for children and their families could be joyous experiences while helping them connect to the environment. This could also be a place where friends, relatives could visit them, away from the hospital environment.
My vision has began to take shape in 2008… and now this is a full-time, learning experience for me and a lot of people working and volunteering at Samiksha!” The Name of the foundation was given after some deliberation, a lot of suggestions , naming it after this little bright girl I met at the oncology center in 2007.. I don’t know where she is and how the family is, but I do know, that it is an honour to remember her. That was my experience of “synchrodestiny”. Then, 2 years of research, understanding the support required for children with cancer, I discovered that there was at the time no exclusive cancer support group for children with cancer and all of the cancer support groups in the country , primarily focussed on cancer research and or financial support for cancer patients. in general. NOT ONE pediatric oncology support group focussing exclusively on children’s needs. Time and again I came across families, organisations who claim to be doing a lot of things for cancer, and looking deeper, it all boiled down to medicines, chemotherapy drugs, blood donations and all aspects of medical support and financial support for cancer patients in general- nothing specific for the children. I decided to take a completely different , if not unusual approach to children’s cancer in the Indian context. It is an integrated approach to the NON-MEDICAL aspect of children’s cancer support, which in its own way and own time will, I believe, and now I know, change the way we look at cancer in children.

Samiksha works with children between 4-14 years of age. Theirs is not a clinical mission, but a creative learning initiative to provide education and increase the children’s happiness quotient. It is a very different approach. Initially, when the family approaches Samiksha, unsure and skeptical about how to realistically deal with cancer. Through regular meetings, Samiksha helps them to:

 Accept the situation: When we work at the pediaric oncology wards, we builds rapport with the families and children and encourage them to actively engage in activity and social talk, projects and learning. This helps them interact with peers cope with the situation with a better perspective.

 Accept Medical treatment: Though Samiksha itself does not provide medical treatments, or direct counselling, they help families and children accept medicine as a pre-requisite for their ongoing treatment.

 Move on: Finally, they help the children and caregivers move on in life and get back to a new normalcy, as far as the condition allows. In many cases, children return to school and are able to confidently face their peers, moving past cancer to lead happy lives. Statistically this is 76% of the children who complete treatment and also attend the Samiksha program in the meantime.
How Do We Do this? We try to approach Health and Ilness by looking through a TELESCOPE instead of looking through the Microscope. An inspiration from Vijay Bhat, cancer thriver and author of “MY cancer is Me”. To truly understand health and illness, we offer you two parallel perspectives: one will take you through the microscope and zoom in to the cellular level of the physical body,( that which you all learn here at college of life sciences). The other will take you through the telescope and zoom out to the cultural, historical context and provide a holistic view of the health that takes the physical body as one aspect only. As Vijay says,” To be healthy is to be whole. A healthy person engages actively with all the aspects of life- physical, psychological, social and spiritual and copes comfortably with disease or disability” The PHYSICAL aspect refers to the body, its organs, tissues, systems, senses and all biochemical processes that you all study here. A healthy person responds to these needs of the body instead of taking it for granted. The Psychological aspect of the self includes the mind and emotions. A healthy person is able to discern his thoughts and feelings and maintain the inner state and manage his feelings and sensitivity appropriately. The Social Dimension acknowledges that one’s interaction with other people and groups influence how one feels about oneself.A healthy person knows how to respond to the push and pull of various social demands especially relationships. The Spiritual aspect – you know- connecting to onself.. Recognising this divine self is one of the most powerful aspects of the self and a healthy person seeks to deepen this connection with the divine self at all times. These are all in themselves powerful aspects of Health. How does one look through a telescope in Illness? The underlying emphasis here is that any illness is not a random event in one’s life. It is communication of the body with the self. A meaning- the body seeking attention with a message. This approach has great value because it takes in account all the aspects of a whole person and assumes that the illness has a reason. Once this purpose or reason is understood, the healing begins from within. In the case of Cancer this is particularly effective approach, since cancer is formed of cells forgetting to decay and die in one’s own body, not from and external source.

This is our understanding at Samiksha. Children are more resilient, they have a strong sense of self. The cancer does not scare them as much as being alone in a difficult situation. The thing that children miss most is their childhood, their school, interacting with their peers, their family life, fun and laughter of childhood. This is where Samiksha comes in. We make sure that the children and families never feel alone in these difficult times. We seek to bring back the childhood joys into the children’s lives during cancer treatment. To do this we tap into their innate optimism and help them in the process of self recovery and healing.
How do we do this? specific Areas of Action:

Through providing Education- Knowledge, empowerment through knowledge. 5-Point Program Samiksha recognises the importance of a Holistic approach and focuses on all-round development through their 5-point S-P-E-C-S approach:

 Social Skills: Caring, listening, and communicating

 Personal Development: Developing strengths and virtues through formal education and learning

 Exploration: Outings and outdoor play for children and their caregivers

 Creativity: Activities such as music, drama, art and pottery,origami

 Spiritual Development: Yoga, Pranayama, meditation and Tai Chi
Why our work is so important?
 When we started there was no such childhood cancer foundations in Bangalore, and today there is some movement there, still our support of education of children in distress with cancer is pioneering – not just because of the large no. we have at Kidwai, but also because of the structure of our program- the continuous care.
 The vision: By providing the necessary educational spiritual support for these children, we give them the courage and encouragement to move ahead in life.
 This not only supports the children but also the parents and caregivers. All our creative activities attract the attention of parents and caregivers, who actively participate . These are huge distress for them. Others grab the opportunity to get their much needed rest and sleep during this time when the children are engaged!
1. HAPPINESS QUOTIENT: It is never enough to stress the importance of boosting the “happiness quotient” of the children and caregivers through learning, creative activity, engagement, and laughter. The whole world of health is emphasising on this aspect of happiness today, and we have been working on this for the last 7 years with huge positive results.
2. Having said that, let me stress also that volunteering for such a cause is no easy task. Every moment you spend with the kids doing your work or just listening and being there is precious and much appreciated.
3. We currently take care of about 110 children form 3 wards at Kidwai memorial alone and innumerable number of caregivers of children in similar situations outside. Almost 1975 children have gone through Samiksha Programs in the last 6 years and about 1400 of them are back to normal lives at school and learning, living their happy childhood days.
How You Can Help

Since Samiksha is a not-for-profit trust, they operate entirely on sponsorships and volunteer work. They need support by way of

 Kannada and English-speakers who can teach Maths, Science and Social Studies, particularly to middle and high school students (6th Standard and up).

 Story-telling is a very popular aspect and they need people who can read aloud both Kannada & English story books.Bengali, Oriya and Telugu,Hindi stories too are needed, as we have many children from all these states coming in for treatment.

 Artists and Art students can help in their Creative Visualisation programs which are conducted regularly.
 Music teachers are welcome to come in to teach the children songs in various languages.
 Curiosity and Knowledge: Keep your curiosity on the subject and do research to gain knowledge, both on cancer support and education for children in distress.
 Do a research project to document how our work has made an impact in the society and what is the difference between those places where there is no pediatric cancer – non- medical support and compare the results of the impact in a holistic manner.
 In addition, volunteers are always required to bring in sponsorships, organise book and stationery drives, help with events like children’s birthday parties, expand our libraries in hospital wards, as well as provide back-end administrative support
IN CONCLUSION: WE are not here to treat the cancer , we are here to learn to understand it in children and help those who need the help to walk along with their cancer, so they don’t ever feel as if they are alone in their struggle with cancer. Source For more information, please visit: WWW.CANCERAWAKENS.COM / “ My Cancer is Me “– By Vijay and Nilima Bhat. The talk was delivered on World cancer day – 4th February 2016 at the Acharya Bangalore B school, department of Biochemistry and Life Sciences for Faculty and students. Dr.Manjari concluded the talk with emphasising the support required from the college in this work we do. —————————————–end of doc———————————————————–

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Celebrating friendship in spite of their cancer!

Celebrating friendship in spite of their cancer :


It has always been endearing to see little ones at Samiksha, team up with their buddies – getting along well, be it a team activity , singing Kannada songs , birthday celebration or just hanging around  the ward  at the Samiksha classroom – they are all a big bunch of happy noisy little friends, irrespective of their ages, and the languages they speak !

Knowing also that their friends at Samiksha are always there to give their time and support, sometimes taking them for granted!

We share with you all the important events that followed our 6th anniversary celebrations in June.

 June 27th:  A Team at Morgan Stanley, headed again by Parthasarathy, aka “Partha” sponsored and volunteered our June birthday celebration.

The volunteer team did fun activities with the children, engaged the caregivers and children into discussions on cleanliness and hygiene and also helped us with overall cleaning up of the basement library and book storage areas.

We thank Partha,  for his personal time, participation,  and for engaging the enthusiastic team of volunteers from Morgan Stanley.

We wish and hope that you will continue to be an active part of this work.


 Our teachers Parvathy and Vidyavathi were pleasantly surprised to see their photo in the HINDU Newspaper, though it was on a different subject, it brought smiles on their faces to see them with children at Samiksha in the newspaper.

The presence of Team Samiksha is an accepted fact at Kapur children’s ward.

Samiksha teachers

Our teachers have been enrolled for a year- long training in Math Education conducted by the Azim Premji Foundation – Math Training Workshop. They seem to be thoroughly enjoying the program.We thank Sneha and Swetha for facilitating this.

Seen here is a Math session at Samiksha –  counting, addition and subtraction using Beads


  July 25th, The July Birthday event:


Thanks to Arts Tales with Arthi Anand  for the lovely  fun-filled session. It’s always wonderful to see how she makes them do such quick, yet interesting crafts with simple things- this time, Magic wands were made with straws and stars cut out of foam sheets.

In Arthi’s words,

“Almost an entirely new bunch of faces greeted me and thanks to Girish and the   Gajapati Kulapati stories, we managed to reach out to them.  Followed by some song and a wand craft, we also celebrated the July Birthday children. Do contribute with your time & affection, lovingly used toys, books or in other ways through Samiksha, with Tulika Publishers”

Thanks Arthi for introducing Samiksha to your friends and encouraging them to support as well.

We welcome our new volunteers Rashmi and Bhavya.

Support Samiksha Foundation’s core work – continuing the children’s education during their course of treatment – through our Education sponsorship Program. We ask for a small individual commitment – only Rs. 1500 per year! This covers the cost of education for one child at the hospital ward for one month.

Sign up here to join as a donor and we’ll be in touch:


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Glimpse of our 6th anniversary Celebrations with a beautiful Poem !


And so they all came
But the crowds were never the same.
Packed to the brim
And smiles to the rim
With idol Anjana as the singer
Boy was it a joyful wringer
With the kids forgetting their troubles
And enjoying happily with joyful bubbles
As Ba said another year goes by
We can discuss the plans over chai
But lets not forget the band of teachers
Who are a unique group of preachers
Helping the kids overcome the tough moments.
Motivating them with thoughtful comments
Finally lets not forget the founding group
They just never keep Chup.

Moving along six years with blissful pace.
Overcoming difficulties like a Hanuman’s mace
Cheers to all
For heeding this unique call
As Hanuman once said.
Sankat Me jab Aaway
Is group ki saath sab jaway !

–  Poem by Ravishankar Nanjundeswaran

Thanks Ravi (Sandhya’s Brother) for this beautiful poem !

 (Photos – (Left to Right) Team Samiksha with Kidwai Director, Magician Satish, Singer Anjana, Bhavani aunty (our trustee),Children and Parents at kidwai enjoying the celebration, Volunteers from Morgan Stanley)

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18th June 2015

It is said that ” Getting together is the Beginning, Keeping together is Progress and Working together is Success”. With the formal permissions to work at KMIO with the pediatric oncology department being renewed by the new Director Dr.Lingegowda, it seems now, that we are definitely making progress.

We complete 6 years at Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore, on this day. The celebration was huge,emotions running high with patrons,donors,supporters of Samiksha Foundation attending the event – crowds thronged the place in spite of it being a weekday. What was planned as an Annual day event as in a school “Open House”, Re-opening of the Play area and our children’s performances, turned into a major highlight of the day with press,media, musical Icons performing..and with the KMIO authorities actively participating in the event.. The Director KMIO, HOD of Pediatrics, doctors, nurses, parents , caregivers and surrounding ward inpatients..siblings, all participated eagerly.

Volunteers and staff of  Samiksha, all worked hard over the entire week to make this happen.Behind the scenes , Meera Srivathsan- our “Suthradhar” and Padma coordinated with Kidwai authorities for the event, set guidelines for the children’s work presentation and performances, our teachers Vidyawathy,Parvathy and Ambika got the children ready, Barnalee, who, in spite of pressing work and personal circumstances, spent the entire week setting up the “Gallery walk” and other visible details. Dr.Manjari brought the donors and patrons to attend and coordinated all the stage work and outside sponsors for the event.

The  sponsors of the event were Morgan Stanley- volunteers headed and coordinated by Raj Parthasarathy, whose personal interest  in the event made all the difference to the quality of delivery of the sponsoring  team. While the guest singers Sumathi and Indian Idol Anjana sang for the children, Satish Kumar our MC and Magician brought it all together.Finally our volunteers Girish,Puneeth and Akanksha stole the show with the children dancing to their tunes! Director KMIO and Doctors stayed on stage while the children danced. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the show. Press and media covered the event extensively.

The dedicated work being done by Doctors at Kidwai for the medical treatment of Cancer and the non-medical support being provided by the staff and volunteers of Samiksha Foundation, – together makes a winning team in support of children undergoing cancer treatment. This is a high point in Pediatric oncology Care in India.

Cheers to “Team Samiksha” and Congratulations on completion of 6 years of outstanding service to Cancer affected children ..May we now move together, to the path of success..God Bless Team Samiksha!

Stats: 548 children attended Samiksha Program in Year 2013- 2014, 535 children attended Samiksha Programs in Year 2014- 2015

Total in the last 6 years,1350 children have presumed to have gone back to school at the correct grade, post discharge from hospital.


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February at Samiksha: the beauty of the arts, poetry, and teamwork

We have some touching stories to share with you from the month of February at Samiksha, some of these are moving, some adorable, and it turns out nearly all of them involve literature, writing, and the arts in some way!

Sunday, 15 February: Childhood Cancer Day – a walk among the art was a special day spent by the children with parents, doctors and visitors. The children walked proudly with their buddies, holding hands to see the artwork that was being displayed. We thank Dr. Avinash for helping organise this, and for his feedback: “Along with medical treatment, it’s the holistic approach likes this that helps in cure.”

Thanks to Girish for sharing this!

To all those who’ve interacted with Somen Roy at Samiksha – you certainly wouldn’t have left each interaction empty-handed, as he always gave everyone at the ward his hand-made Origami work, as well as teaching others how to make them. Samiksha volunteers who taught him felt fortunate to be able to enrich Somen’s life in some way. They treated him as a little brother thanks to his loving nature. This child, who brought us joy in many ways, has left us in peace, making sure to first leave a message for his favourite Samiksha teacher, Girish. He wrote this in the form of a beautiful Bengali poem, whose content and thought is so beautiful that Samiksha member Barnalee felt it had to be translated and shared. “What Somen wrote in Bengali is way way more beautiful than the English translation”, Barnalee tells us, but we are grateful to her for translating it all the same, and to Girish for sharing the original with us!

The original Bengali poem goes like this:
Kokhono diner Alash kone
Otheeth Jodi porbe mone
Tokhon Jodi amar katha nibir mone Roy,
Smriti tukui debe amar chotto porichoy.

– Somen Roy.

English translation (Somen Roy, translated by Barnalee Sarkar)
Sometime on a lazy day,
If you think about the days gone by,
If then, deep down your heart you find words of mine,
Read them again, ‘cos those little memories will keep reminding you of my humble presence.

We read it over and over again. This little boy and his words has touched all our hearts, he will be missed and remembered along with all the others who live in our memories!

On Saturday, 21 February, we had our birthday celebrations for this month. There was a story session by Vandana Hegde along with a hat-making activity. The children enjoyed the story, and were delighted to learn to make and wear these hats!

Our teachers, Parvathy and Vidyavathy, have encouraged and helped the children to not only read but to write, illustrate and make their own mini-storybooks! One girl was inspired to make her own story booklet in Urdu and Kannada, after reading the original stories from our Pratham books ‘Library-in-a-Classroom’ kit. It was a joy to hear her read stories written in her mother tongue, Urdu. Thanks to Pratham Books for the idea and resource!

These stories serve to reinforce the importance of volunteers and teamwork in a paediatric oncology set-up. This important relationship was studied further by regular volunteer Mrs. Bhoopathy, who worked with Dr. Avinash and the Samiksha team to put together a short paper describing the results of this survey and the work done at Samiksha. We presented the paper, and a poster summarising its contents, at the International Association for Palliative Care conference in Hyderabad from February 13-15, under the theme of Teamwork. This was well received, and we are also happy to announce that we received an award for the poster! Thanks to those who worked on the article and poster, and to our donors, volunteers, and core team for your constant support.

A few announcements to finish off this post:

To help us make our education programme sustainable and form lasting relationships with donors who contribute, please fill in the form at to sign up as a donor.

We appreciate all those who’ve shown interest in buying Samiksha cards for the upcoming Women’s Day celebrations at work. If you haven’t yet, and are interested in buying our Samiksha card sets with our children’s artwork, please write to us at [email protected]. Thanks!

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

blanket  Gift of Warmth

Gayathri Shenoy visited Samiksha a few months back and brought with her, huge boxes and bags full of blankets, 250 new fleece blankets ! She distributed them to children at Samiksha (kapur ward) and also to those in Dharamshala building.The Children were so happy to get a blanket  and it was a great gift for them for the winter months.Thanks, Gayathri ! Your concern towards these children is an inspiration for us to strive better to serve them.

Artsy Craftsy Time with DPS students


An enthusiastic team of young school girls from DPS volunteered their time by doing an interesting artsy crafty session making colorful  art posters and cup-holders.They brought along all the materials too! Colored charts, peel-n-stick flowers, stars, smileys, googly eyes, bindis, non-toxic glue etc.The girls got creative with their crafts..Some of them made wrist bands that  became a hit and soon all the children got busy making them and wearing it like mini watches..Thanks DPS team ! This will inspire more students to volunteer.

                                                                           Xmas story session by Arts Tales


 Arthi Anand volunteered for this Xmas session. What a joyful session that was!

A quick story, few Xmas trivia questions,sing-along followed by a simple Xmas tree craft. Almost every child in kapur ward participated and posed with pride to show their trees! It was so good to see great energy and enthusiasm..While the volunteers and teachers got completely drained out helping them with the activity, children were busy asking for more star-stickers, more trees,and to know how we liked their trees:)

Thanks Arthi for your time and efforts.And,we remember the green n red balloons that you had brought in that day to go with the theme,thanks, everyone loved them!

The Xmas fun continued for few more hours..Our teachers, Parvathy and Vidyavathy along with volunteers helped children dress up the big Christmas tree with colored streamers..Anisha Mathew, a college student, who was there to help us that day and had volunteered at Samiksha for a few weeks shared with us that her volunteering experience was truly enriching and fulfilling.

Mime Performance by Bornfree Art Schoolmime1

We welcomed 2015 with our first event,this month’s birthday celebrations with a very unique event.

Mr.John Devaraj along with the children of the Bornfree Art School did a mime performance and interacted with children.

Our team was really impressed to learn more about  Mr.John Devaraj and children of this school.

It’s truly heartening to see people of all ages doing their bit – be it volunteering their time to teach, story-sessions/crafts,  events, donating books/puzzles, distributing fruits/veggies,sponsoring for monthly supplies, celebrations, birthdays, gifts and more …Children value them a lot and it means so much to them.We thank you all for the support and together we can make a difference.

Our special thanks to all those who’ve responded and signed up to donate Rs.1500 towards “Support our Education Programme”. Those interested to contribute, more details here..

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