Our Programs

We are looking for:

  • Resource partners in the areas of theatre, music, puppetry and pottery for our programs.
  • Tutors for the State Board syllabus, especially in Kannada,spoken English,Mathematics and the Sciences.
  • Translators, between English and Kannada, Telugu, and Bengali, particularly for our yoga program.

Programs in collaboration with oncology hospitals

Education Program for Inpatients

We volunteer four times a week at Kidwai Memorial Hospital’s paedriatic ward (the Kapoor Ward) to bring the children up to speed with their schooling. Our structured tutoring and activities began with the new school year. We also arrange one-on-one tutoring for children from 6th to 10th grade. Details can be found in our fifth and sixth year report (opens in new tab or window).

Our volunteers teach the children, one-on-one for the older students and in groups for the younger ones, so that they can continue their education even while in the ward. Around 175 of the children in the ward have gone back home and returned to school since June 2009.

Our thanks to our volunteers and our librarians Ms. Vidyavathy and Ms. Parvathi for their hard work and sincere efforts. We also thank the authorities at Kidwai Memorial for their cooperation, especially Dr. Janet Parameshwar, Head of the Social Work Department.

Library Program

We bring books and educational material to the hospital wards, and maintain a library on site. These are rotated once a week. The children are encouraged to borrow books from the library and to write reviews of or discuss the books they have read. The books in the library are in both English and vernacular languages. The library at the Kapoor Ward at KMIO now has 850 books.

Yoga Program and Creative Visualisation

Swami Yogaratna Saraswathi has developed a Yoga Program for our kids. This is conducted at least once a week at the wards. The program involves creative visualisation techniques and art therapy, in addition to the yoga sessions, as a means of self-healing for the children. The creative visualisation process is carried out based on the guidelines of Carl and Stephanie Simonton. Art therapy and storywriting are being used as a part of this process, and we plan to incorporate theatre as well. The program gets the children to visualise combating their illness, and express this through a story or a drawing.
She also encourages the mothers and other caregivers to practice the exercises on all days at the ward.

Infrastructure Projects

We have now become involved in infrastructure projects at the hospital ward. We have developed a 4000 sft.play area for the children and support facilities for the caregivers. Photos of these projects can be viewed on our gallery.

I Am A Star

All children are special. In this program, we try to find out what each one likes and fulfil some of their wishes to make them feel even more special.Make a Wish Foundation are our resource partners for this program.

Party Time!

We try to organise birthday parties for children in the wards every month. All children celebrating their birthdays in the month are honoured on this day. Our parties have had magic shows and music and we now plan to introduce Theater and laughing exercises at such events.


  1. Dr Shobha
    | Permalink

    Dear Samiksha,
    I truly appreciate your work, especially the schooling you provide for the patients. I work in Mazumdar Shaw cancer centre in Bommasandra as Pediatric hematoncologist and transplant specialist. I would love to provide the same services to our patients in our centre. Kindly call me at – or mail me .

  2. Pradeep Narain
    | Permalink

    It seems that the triangle of care is Samiksha, Children and
    God. So its for ever.

    Best wishes

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