The People

Bhavani Nanjundeswaran

Advisor to the Trust and Trustee

Mrs. Nanjundeswaran is everyone’s grandma (ajji or patti) and is a very caring and loving person, whose personality is invaluable to the mission. In the town of Tarapur, Maharashtra, where she spent thirty-seven years, she founded the first Mahila Mandal in the area. As its president, she set up several more welfare initiatives for women in the area, as well as the Toddler’s Academy, a nursery and preschool for local children. Today, the Toddler’s Academy is a 600-strong institution offering both English and Marathi medium education.

Sandhya Sharad

Founder and Director

Sandhya is a practicing architect and interior designer, and also runs the foundation. She is skilled with children and teenagers and has great faith in the creative talent and spiritual capabilities nested in this country. She believes that a touch of professionalism and caring into every creative work we seek to do, can improve the quality of our services to the world.

Vijaya Nanjundeswaran

Advisor to the Trust and Trustee

Vijaya is a strong believer in independent thinking and solving problems at hand. She holds an M.Sc. in Biochemistry and a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, and has been working in the media industry for around 2 decades. Prior to this she taught Math, Science and Art to primary and middle school students. She is frank and honest – she calls a spade a spade. She is always unafraid to provide an opinion or solution and is always present for help and support. Her advice always tends to be spot on. Her interests (in addition to giving us expert guidance) include travel, music, gardening and reading.

Dr. Manjari Bhatnagar

Project Coordinator and Director

A qualified geophysicist and a Ph.D. in statistics, Dr. Manjari has diversified into the fields of drama and wealth management. Her exuberant and cheerful personality, combined with her love for children, make her a priceless gem at the foundation. She is responsible for the public relations  and fundraising activities for the foundation, and coordinates many events at the Centre.

Aditya Sharad

Website Administrator

Aditya designed the Foundation website in January 2009, when he was in the ninth grade. Now studying mathematics and computer science at university, he continues to maintain and update the site. He volunteers at the centre, teaching mathematics and social studies and helps maintain the library. All comments and suggestions regarding the website may be sent to him.

Swami Yogaratna Saraswati

Yoga Teacher and Consultant

Swami Yogaratna Saraswati, a sannyasi, trained for 20 years in Bihar School of Yoga (Bangalore branch and Munger main ashram) in all aspects of yoga and meditation, higher yoga practices, yoga therapy, stress management and yoga for women, children, students and the elderly.Teaching children in particular has been a favourite activity. She has developed a fun yoga program for our children.

Meera Srivatsan

Administrator and Program Coordinator

Meera is a chartered accountant with a passion for community service, particularly in children’s education. She is a full time member of the Foundation core team.

Padma Vishwanathan

Administrator and Program Coordinator

Vidyawathi B.S.

Teacher and Librarian

Vidyavathi is a trained librarian and teacher with three children in government schools. She has worked as a full time teacher with the Foundation since its inception and is extremely dedicated to her work.

Parvathy K.B.

Teacher and Librarian

Parvathy is a trained librarian and teacher, with grown-up children. She has worked as a full time teacher with the Foundation since 2009 and also shows exceptional dedication to her work at Samiksha.


Volunteer Storyteller

Tania Khosla

Creative Advisor and Volunteer

Tania is a graphic designer and mother who has closely experienced and been transformed by cancer.

Rajinder Chopra

Advisor and Projects Coordinator

Mr. Chopra is a senior citizen with 37 years of field experience in engineering. He is a special project coordinator at the Foundation.

Barnalee Sarkar

Program Coordinator and Special Language Teacher

barnalee A graduate in Geography, a dancer by passion, Barnalee believes in the power and joy of creating something of her own, be it poetry, a small piece of dance, or just a thought that makes her happy. At present, she has a few young minds who she trains to dance, with the sheer hope that they too find the joy and happiness in rhythm and music like she does. She believes in team work, and that the right spirit and honest dedication can create magic and allow us to stun ourselves with our work. Her association with Samiksha has offered her a way of thinking that she believes has helped her look beyond herself as an individual and grow as a finer human.

Girish Jairaj

Program Coordinator and Volunteer

Chitra Ramesh

Special Project Coordinator

Chitra is a perfect volunteer- dedicated, independent,multilingual and quietly effective.She loves volunteering to help children in need, be it here with Samiksha Kids undergoing Cancer treatment,at a Blind school,or at her apartment complex, always lending a helping hand, Chitra manages our Wish Fullfilment Program with Make a Wish Foundation and runs a special Art program.

Ravishankar Nanjundeswaran

Advisor to the Trust, Foundation Evangelist

RaviRavishankar is a widely travelled individual with a deep well of positivity etched into his soul. He is always willing to help out the less fortunate through volunteering, donating goods, raising money or providing valuable ideas. For him the point in life is the voyage rather than the discovery. He has actively supported fundraising activities for Samiksha, as well as Helpage, CRY, Hindu Temple Society of North America, and UN school charitable work. Ravi is based in New York, with his wife, who works for UNICEF, and two children, and is a wealth management professional and compassionate optimist.

Aakansha Jaysheel

Volunteer, Friend to the children, YUVA CHETANA