Our Vision

Our goal is to create an environment of independent and assisted learning and provide a physical space that will help free the families affected by children with cancer and promote their happiness through learning and creative activity.

This could also help them increase their self esteem and confidence to face up to the challenges of their medical condition with hope and dignity and improve the quality of life of their families.

Samiksha is our learning initiative, specially designed for children with cancer and certain non-infectious life-threatening conditions. At Samiksha, we wish to make the life of the children and their caregivers a fulfilling experience. The age group would be between 4 and 14 years of age. This is not a clinical mission, but a creative learning initiative.  Our team consists of creative professionals, strategic partners and skilled volunteers.

We shall focus on all-round development through the SPECS approach:

  • Social Skills – Caring, listening, and communicating
  • Personal Development – Developing strengths and virtues through formal education and learning
  • Exploration – Outings and field trips for children and their caregivers
  • Creativity – Activities such as music, drama, art and pottery
  • Spiritual Development – Yoga, meditation and Tai Chi

Our Motto: “The pursuit of knowledge is key to our pursuit of happiness”

We have three main areas of action, as follows:

Educational Support

Some long-term survivors are educationally disadvantaged because of the loss of school time during treatment. Some support for a child’s primary or secondary education is one way of ensuring that the survivors are able to fulfil their academic potential. E-learning initiatives and Multimedia tools for education could also be part of the program.

Spiritual Support

The positive effects of Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi and other methods of alternative healing therapies shall be fully exploited at the centre for the overall well being of the families. These activities could also be extended to the in-patients, parents and medical staff at hospitals.

Support through Play and Creative Activities

We conduct birthday parties for kids on the last Saturday of each month. There are different activities for each party ranging from singing groups to Magic Shows. Various organisations or people have sponsored the costs for these events. At every such party, we distribute goody bags with fun things for all the kids in the wards. The birthday children are given special birthday gifts too, which are age appropriate. We have now established a certain routine even for these events so the kids are involved without getting hyperactive. Our team is careful to make sure that the excitement of the parties is not overwhelming or physically exerting for the children. Yoga and breathing exercises are part of every such organised event.
We have built a dedicated play area at the hospital ward. Volunteers also conduct creative activities such as art, craft, pottery, and singing.