Therapeutic Alliances

Our therapeutic alliance is a partnership between the children, their caregivers, the medical assistants and Samiksha, with its resource partners.

The children would be engaged in age-appropriate activities,  educational,spiritual and creative activities.
Their caregivers (parents, grandparents and siblings) would be able to connect with each other and learn of other ways to deal with their situation. They are encouraged to participate in all spiritual programs and also use the library.
The medical assistants (nurses, assistants and volunteers) would also have a wide range of activities specially designed for them, or would encourage the children to participate in activities at the center whenever they can.

The people at Samiksha and its resource partners would be at the core of this alliance, which we call the Triangle of Care.
Triangle of Care
These strategic partnerships along with the right infrastructure and people are the necessary approach to achieving our mission.

Our current resource partnerships include:

  • Youth for Seva, Basavangudi – resource for volunteers
  • Cognizant Outreach Team led by Deepak Prabhu and Vijay Rajagopalan-resource for volunteers
  • Residents of Jacaranda, Brigade Millenium,JP Nagar- resource for volunteers and sponsors
  • Sampurnah Centre for Holistic Health and Personal Growth,
  • Roots & Wings Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd., for cancer retreats
  • Adverto Advertising – the brilliant brochures and theme images (corporate identity)
  • Tsk Designs
  • Windchazers, adventure camps and outdoor activities for children
  • Mother Tree, Indiranagar
  • The triangle of care is a trademark of  The Samiksha Foundation and may not be lifted without our permission.