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    CSR Activity Volunteer Speak

    “I don’t think I’ve had a sense of perspective quite the way I did back there. The personal sacrifice and the struggles folks are going through is overwhelming. The foundation is doing a great job and we could see how involved the volunteers were for years (some of them close to 8 years). Every parent out there feel more comfortable talking to these bunch of volunteers for support than the doctors. We have an opportunity here to do so much more. This should be a long lasting relationship without a doubt.”

    “It was a fantastic experience for me at the Kidwai cancer institute. The staff over there was supportive and welcoming. We were able to make the kids happy and everybody was equally involved in the painting exercise.”

    “Very Cute, Active and naughty Kids. Event was organised well. God Bless them! And Let them get well soon!!.”

    “It was truly amazing and would obviously need such events to take place in our day to day busy life.The amount of energy and spirit the kids had was really worth watching. Loved the kids playing and enjoying every event organised. We can come up with more events planned for little bit longer time. Looking forward for more engagement and collaboration with these kids.”

    “The experience with the kids was really overwhelming .It is really sad to see such small kids going through tough phase.I am glad that we could spend some time with them. Thanks for the opportunity.”

    One of the most traumatic experiences that a family can face is the diagnosis of a child with a life threatening illness. From that point on, their lives are never the same again. Parents face many new stresses and challenges -- emotional, financial, spiritual, and practical -- while coping with the situation. One of the guiding principles of those involved with childhood cancer care is that the patients and their families should never feel as if they are alone in difficult times.

    This is where Samiksha comes in.

    Samiksha Foundation is a Creative Learning Initiative for children with cancer and their caregivers, providing them with educational and spiritual support along with creative play and activities. It aims to increase the happiness quotient of the children, allowing them to live their lives with confidence and dignity, and empowering them to return to the mainstream without fear or apprehension.

    Please look around our website to learn about our work, sign up to volunteer, or make a donation.

    Together, we can make a difference.