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Hands-On Volunteering 

We are at the Kapur Ward at Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology four days a week – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday – from 10.30 am to 4.00 pm. Teachers and storytellers are requested to come in at least once a week, for two to three hours at a time.There are 75 children in one oncology ward who directly benefit from our tutoring programs. 

We always require volunteers who can speak Kannada (not mandatory, but useful) and can teach subjects such as Maths, Science and Social Studies in Kannada. We currently need tutors who can give one-on-one lessons to students from classes 6 – 10 in these subjects (English or Kannada medium). 

Storytellers and English language teachers are also needed, to develop reading habits and writing skills in the children. Storytellers will also be needed as an extension of the creative visualisation program being conducted on Saturdays. 

Music teachers (singing) are welcome to come in to teach the children songs in various languages. 

Other Volunteer Duties

In addition to hands-on work, volunteers will be required to: 
- Spread word about the foundation in order to get sponsors and more volunteers for us
- Help organise book drives and stationery drives
- Help organise events and birthday parties for the children
- Help us with our back-end office work and documentation
- Help us extend our services to other paediatric oncology hospital wards
- Help us raise funds for our mission

Birthday Party Planning

On the last Saturday of every month, we organise a birthday party for all the children whose birthdays are recorded in that month.We have an entertainment program such as a magic show or fun and activities planned for the children’s enjoyment. We get Birthday hats and try to decorate the place with festoons. (No Balloons). Since the children cannot have cake or any outside food, we only get them a fruit and a toffee or a fresh sweet that is individually packed for hygiene purposes. All the birthday children get a special gift which is usually a tiffin box in stainless steel, and the other kids get some gift which is the same for all.These common gifts are given to about 95 children, which includes children from the Dharamshala and the other wards if they manage to attend the party. Nobody goes away disappointed! Volunteers and sponsors are required for this once every month.
We're hiring!

We are currently hiring for the position of Accounts coordinator - Part time with Tally knowledge and IT- BTech Supervisor.
For details please contact [email protected]or call 9845231106